Developing Products
Joint Participants [Advisor]
Metallic Pattern Standardization Technology and Scrap Dividing Technique for Shuttle Robot Mounting 1994.5-1995.4
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Prof. Kim, Jong-Duck
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Prof. Kim, Jong-Duck 1994.5-1995.11 Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Prof. Kim, Jong-Deok
Welding Press Metallic Pattern Technology for Gas Range Grill Burner Parts 1994.6-1994.11 Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Prof. Kim, Jong-Duck
CAD Technology of Gas Range Parts 1999.8-2000.2 Song-Do Techno Park / Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Prof. Kim, Jong-Sung
Automatic Complex Technology for AIR SHUTTER ASS'Y
Incheon/Inha University Prof. Cho, Myung-Woo
Automatic Supply Device and Extracting Device for Progressive Metallic Pattern 1999.11-1999.12
SMBA/KITECH Dr. Cha, Baek-Soon
Automatic Scrap Extracting and Automatic Complex Shaping Technology
1999.11-1999.12 Song-Do Techno Park/KITECH Team manager Park, Gewn-Myung
Radiating Metallic Pattern Manufacturing Technology Development for small plastic beverage containers 2000.3
SMBA/KITECH Dr. Cha, Baek-Soon
Classfication Participating Technology   Dates Joint Participants[Advisor]
Public Foundation Task Cast Deburring M/C localization development 1997.10 Institute of Industrial Technology Prof. Lee, Seung-Hwan
Technical Innovation Development Task
Automatic metallic pattern production of PIPE BURNER for gas ovens and omission inspection technique
High Technology Development Task Automatic drilling metallic pattern technique development 2000.5
Song-Do Techno Park/Inha University applying
Design Innovation Support Task
Design, packaging, brand design, and catalog design development for the far infrared ray electric stove products. 2000.4.15- present KIDP/Karam Design Park, Sung-Geun
Design Development Task
Computer Mainframe Design
KIDP/Karam Design Park, Sung-Geun
- Pericle Cover metallic pattern development for semiconductors
- DOOR HINGE SCREW TAP automatic metallic pattern development
- Radiating metallic pattern material development for a role of Release Agent
- New heat generating material development(Ceramic, etc.)
- New power saving heat generating material development
- Near infrared ray heat generating material and mechanism development
- Communication technique for far infrared ray radiating and material development such as
  ceramics, etc.
- Product development through heat burning agency
- Heat and cold common new material development
- Automation technology development for radiating material inputting
- Automation technology development for radiating material mixing
- Product development using Stain color conversion technique

- Halogen Lamp Pin-type Development
- Lamp process Ceramic+Holder+Spring Welding Technology
- Lamp Fix Shock Absorbing Bracket Development
- Thermal Conduction Minimizing Bracket Development
- Rotating Function Separate Section Button Switch Development
- Motor Fix Bracket Automatic Metallic pattern Development