1.The ratio of domestic production

With the exception of core part of filament, the rest parts of this product was made in domestic production. Among those, the core domestic technology is the ceramics, the thermal efficiency and the radiation maximization of far infrared rays using double reflecting mirrors, and U-type tube, etc. The entire domestic production reaches to over 90%.

The very first in the world to mount halogen heater to ceramic to discharge far infrared rays.
The first in the world to maximize thermal efficiency and ceramic heating discharging rate
of far infrared rays using double reflecting mirrors.
The first in the world to design with human body engineering in mind.

The far infrared ray electric ceramic heater, escaping the image of the existing heater,
is only 2 years old since its development so it mainly focuses on the supplement of
functions and is creating an early introducing market, but it is monotonously fan modified product with trite design, and the thermic rays(nicrome wires)are rolled up around a trumpet shaped pipe causing electric shock and fire hazard due to the shrinking and expansion of the thermic rays and during the disconnecting standby, hardening can occur because of corrosion and oxidation by the exposure.
Therefore the company, with a new, original idea, combining a new concept of mounting halogen heater to ceramic causing radiating of far infrared rays with a new millennium
sense design grafting together with high quality, multipurpose functions and a new design, developed this product jointly with the following research institutions.

4.Core Technology
- With the development of halogen heater radiant heat method instead of direct heat    generating method, this stove has no oxygen consumption due to the direct oxidation and    no fire hazard.
- With the adoption of the double reflection boards, heat radiating rate is improved.
  The front heat reflection board amplifies the back heat reflection board causing      improvement of the radiating rate of far infrared rays resulting health promoting effect
  (radiating rate of far infrared rays: 91.78%)

5.The number of patent applications
Company Total 16 cases
Applying products 4