-Far infrared heater deserves to be called "health heater" as it does not directly burn the
 oxygen in the room.
-It is little hazardous for fire as it is heated by radiation of halogen heat.
-Instant ignition consumes less electricity.
-The system with the double reflection mirrors maximizes heating efficiency.
-The front reflection mirror enlarges the reflex amplification of the rear mirror.
-The discharge amount of bio-ceramic far infrared rays is increased.

- Functions : 940W/High, 470W/Low
                   Push button and rotary control
                   Oscillation left to right 90
                   Safety thermostat
                   Tip over switch
                   120 min. timer
                   Adjustable up and down 30
                   Anion emitting(optional)

- Weight : net wt. 2.8kgs / Gross wt. 4.8kgs
- Dimension : 350350720mm
- packing dimension : 770400330mm
- Quantity/container     2pcs KD : 588 ea/40'     294 ea/20'
                                        3pcs KD : 790 ea/40'     368 ea/20'
- Color : Grey/Ivory