- Like the solar heating theory, emit radiant heat processed from U-Type Halogen Lamp.
- Due to the instantaneous heat generation, no power consumption or time wasted for    preheating.
- No chemical reactions even when water is sprinkled. The heat generated by the halogen
  stoves is natural so it can transmit through the glasses and make not only inside but
  outside warm in 7M distance.

- The existing coil stoves are electric shock or fire hazards, but the safety net on
   this product will prevent from burning your hands.
- If the halogen lamp is damaged, the coil inside will immediately be oxidized reducing
   the fire hazards.

- The existing products burn oxygen and transmit convection heat, but halogen stoves
  convert heat to light and generate 91.7% of far infrared rays reducing power consumption
  and 40% of heat loss creating pleasant environment.
- Using double heat reflection boards causes effectiveness in radiant heat rate,
  and the front heat reflection board amplifies the back heat reflection board so the radiating
  rate is high and promotes health. (Radiating rate 91.7%)

- Adding the tourmaline ore, a negative(-) ion is discharged.(Optional)
- At ceramic heating temperature of 300~ 350, it can be used for interior lightning.
- Taking a new lease of life for the products, the life span of U-type halogen lamps is
  5,000 hours.
- U-type halogen lamps are formed in mountable and removable pin-type and easy
  to replace lamps.
- Precise adjustment in brightness; power saving, thermal efficiency(2 lamps - bright,
  1 lamp - less bright)
- The first, front heat reflection board amplifies the second, back heat reflection board and
  discharge high 91.7% of far infrared rays.
- Its a miniature sun that transmit far infrared rays up to 7m using the radiant heat like
   the sun does.

- Design with human body engineering in mind and conduct heat through the entire body.
- The very first concept in the world using a shape of crane
- Functions that go well with the interior of the house
- Awarded the Korea Design Management prize (2001)
- Appointed Good Design and Awarded the Venture Design prize(2002)

Classification Heat Generation by Halogen Lamps
Heat Generation by Coil Lamps
Heat generating time after switch on At the igniting instant
10 Seconds
Ceramic heating temperature
300~350 -
The likelihood of breaking ceramic when the stove is fallen  Low High
The probability of fire breaking out due to the ceramic fragments Low(almost never) Very high
Heat source Far-Infrared ray Ceramic Fever
Direct oxygen(O2) consumption None A little bit

When keeping it on inside a small room for hours

Pleasant -