12. 02.   Founded
Supply Car Parts to DaimlerChrysler in US on October 1.
Choi, Kun-Hyeong is appointed as the Chief Executive Officer on May 1.
Get approval from Rinnai Korea Corporation for component vendor and supply
component for Gas Range on October 1.
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology award a "promising company" nomination
on January 14. Completes a 1984 square meter Namdong National Industrial Complex,
Incheon manufacturing facilities on 3405 square meter of land on March 31.
Receive a medal of merit from Incheon state government for good quality control
on May 19.
Achieve ISO 9002 certification on November 2.
Certified by UL(US), C-UL(Canada), CE(Europe), GS(German), N(Australia) and S(Japan).
Awarded a "promising company in export" nomination by the Government Dept. of Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) on July 19.
Receive a bronze medal of merit from Technology Innovation Contest held by the Government Dept. of S&MBA on August 10.
Awarded a "Millennium Frontier Product" nomination by the Korea Standards Association on May.
Appointed Enobiz Enterprise(The administrator of S&MBA) on Agust.
Appointed Good Design and World First Class Products. Awarded
Receive a medal of merit from the Korean President for Intl. Trade Promotion